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  Name Home Date of Death
Photo Johnson, Robert Cahill Sac City, Iowa  October 09, 2010 
Photo Cook, Richard J. Wall Lake, Iowa  October 08, 2010 
Photo Ulven, Lowell Granby, Missouri formerly of Schaller, Iowa  October 08, 2010 
Photo Reiman, Vernon E. Sac City, formerly of Carroll, IA  October 07, 2010 
Photo Adams Lightfoot, Dathan Eugene Palmer, IA  October 01, 2010 
Photo Birkhofer, Jean Wall Lake, IA  September 28, 2010 
Photo Townsend, Junior "Ferd" Early, IA  September 19, 2010 



Nichols, Dr. William J. Lake View, Iowa  September 17, 2010 
Photo Remmick, Adalian M. Lake View, IA  September 17, 2010 
Photo Kies, Milo Wall Lake, IA  September 16, 2010 
Photo Reik, Jennie Odebolt, Iowa  September 10, 2010 
Photo Ort, Lorence "Larry" Sac City, Iowa  September 08, 2010 
Photo Koster Raine, Lillian Carroll, IA  September 07, 2010 
Photo Olson, Irene Anna Manning, IA  September 07, 2010 
Photo Paeper, Robert C. Sac City, IA  September 06, 2010 
Photo Schuknecht, Nadine Faye Lake View, Iowa, formerly of Sac City  August 24, 2010 
Photo Orth, Jason Clemens Sioux City, Formerly of Sac City. A memorial has been established for Jason's children, Abrielle Grace & Max David Orth.  August 22, 2010 
Photo Johnson, Marjorie E. Sac City, Iowa  August 16, 2010 
Photo Powers, Helen Goodwin Of Omaha, Neb. formerly of Sac City & Hubbard, Iowa   August 15, 2010 
Photo Wiegel, Herbert John Lake View, Iowa  August 14, 2010 
Photo Mooney, Kenneth E. Sac City, Iowa  August 10, 2010 
Photo Harlen, Skyler David Oskaloosa, IA  August 04, 2010 
Photo Schwier, Verda H. Battle Creek, IA  August 03, 2010 
Photo Cole, Norita "Rita" Lake View, IA  July 31, 2010 
Photo Wadsley, Dorothy V. Of Sac City, formerly of Early, Iowa.  July 21, 2010 
Photo Neville, Vickie L. Odebolt, Iowa  July 20, 2010 
Photo Lightfoot, Roger L. of Urbandale, Iowa, formerly of New Orleans, Louisiana  July 20, 2010 
Photo Cleland, Ronald Lytton, IA  July 18, 2010 
Photo Hartman Long, Phyllis Of Ames, Iowa formerly of Sac City, Iowa. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials may be made to the United Methodist Church in Sac City.  July 15, 2010 
Photo Drilling, Dorothy K. Lake View, IA  July 11, 2010 
Photo Bernhardt, Aloysia M. Odebolt, IA  July 10, 2010 
Photo Prichard, Donald Robert Marshalltown, formerly of Odebolt  July 10, 2010 
Photo Tjaden, June E. Lake View, IA  June 27, 2010 
Photo Zolnosky, Dr. Ralph Sac City, Iowa  June 23, 2010 
Photo Scheffler, Claudette Sac City, Iowa  June 22, 2010 
Photo Reiter, Eva Mae Wall Lake, Iowa  June 21, 2010 
Photo Meister, Orville A. Wall Lake, Iowa  June 20, 2010 
Photo Stevens, Ruth L. Sac City, IA  June 13, 2010 
Photo Nuckolls, Linda G. Lake View, IA  June 12, 2010 
Photo Hale, Adeline Lake City, Iowa  June 11, 2010 
Photo Savage, Richard "Dick" Wall Lake, IA  June 09, 2010 
Photo Auen, Evelyn Carnarvon, Iowa  June 08, 2010 
Photo Block, Dwight R. Nemaha, Iowa  June 07, 2010 
Photo Hale, Thomas Auburn, Iowa  June 04, 2010 
Photo Martens, Sherman Lee Lytton, IA  May 31, 2010 
Photo Einspahr, Dale L. Odebolt, IA  May 30, 2010 
Photo Grodahl, Carol M. Lytton, IA  May 25, 2010 
Photo Pittman, Betty L. Wall Lake, IA  May 16, 2010 
Photo Raasch, Margaret "Betty" Odebolt, Iowa  May 12, 2010 



Goyer, Leonard Lake View  May 11, 2010 
Photo Harms, Lori A. Sac City, Iowa  April 25, 2010 
Photo Horn, John "Jack" Sac City, Iowa  April 23, 2010 
Photo Gustafson, Ronald E. Sac City, IA  April 13, 2010 
Photo Becker, Donald Wall Lake, IA  April 09, 2010 
Photo Pellersels, Ilene Sac City, Iowa  April 06, 2010 
Photo Riley, Patricia Ann Lake View, IA  March 22, 2010 
Photo Meyer, Lydia Amelia Sac City, IA  March 21, 2010 
Photo Lorenzen, Delbert M. Of Sac City, formerly of Schaller, Iowa.  March 12, 2010 
Photo Ohrtman, Florence Anna Of Sac City, Iowa, and formerly of Early, Iowa.  March 12, 2010 
Photo Schnirring II, Dale "Punky" Leslie Sac City, IA  March 03, 2010 
Photo Williams, Phyllis J. Memorial contributions may be made to: Sac City First Presbyterian Church or Loring Hospital Family Hospice.  February 26, 2010 
Photo Drey, Matilda Early, IA  February 17, 2010 
Photo Youberg, Kathryn Margaret Myers Sac City, Iowa.   February 16, 2010 
Photo Burns, John Michael "Rabbit" Sac City, IA  February 14, 2010 
Photo Haines Young, Marjorie Lake View, IA  February 03, 2010 
Photo Von Ehwegen, Eleanor Evelyn Of Smithland, Iowa, formerly of Lake View and Sac City.  January 26, 2010 
Photo Lewis, Rhoda C. Sac City, IA  January 19, 2010 
Photo Russell , Lucian J. Sac City, IA  January 19, 2010 
Photo Sproul, John W. Gardnerville, NV formerly of Lake View  January 08, 2010 
Photo Morrison, Bonnie Mae Lytton, Iowa  December 31, 2009 
Photo Chapman, Kermit Sac City, IA  December 29, 2009 
Photo Bartlett, Harold M. Wall Lake, IA  December 26, 2009 
Photo Book, Sheldon L. Odebolt, IA  December 26, 2009 



Jenkins, Marian I. Sac City, Iowa  December 23, 2009 
Photo Hungate, Mary Lake View, IA  December 20, 2009 
Photo Christiansen, Bernice Mae Early, Iowa  December 07, 2009 
Photo Campbell, Roger "GOUGE" Deloit, IA  November 30, 2009 
Photo Long, Sr., R. Dale Ames, IA formerly Sac City  November 25, 2009 
Photo Stadlman, Gaylord K. Of Fort Dodge, Iowa formerly of Sac City.  November 20, 2009 
Photo Straub, Cheryl Sac City, IA  November 18, 2009 
Photo Mooney, Ruth Nemaha, IA  November 17, 2009 
Photo Van Sickle, Jean Sac City, Iowa  November 13, 2009 
Photo Bruscher, Barbara K. Arthur, IA  November 08, 2009 
Photo Daisy, Lola Arlene Lake City, Iowa  October 31, 2009 
Photo Frank, Jon E. Auburn, IA  October 29, 2009 
Photo Bodwell, Ronald S. Beaumont, CA  October 22, 2009 
Photo Flink, Harlan Lake View, IA  October 19, 2009 
Photo Young, Jerome A. Lake View, Iowa  October 18, 2009 
Photo Schwaller, Patricia Of Wall Lake, Iowa. Memorial donations may be made to St. Anthony's Foundation.  October 17, 2009 
Photo Haradon, Orlin "Scott" Sac City, Iowa  October 14, 2009 
Photo Edgington, Lois L. Sac City, IA  October 13, 2009 
Photo Yender, Margaret V. Early, Iowa  October 12, 2009 
Photo Bohm, Luella Lake View, IA  October 09, 2009 
Photo Boerner, Bonnie The family has requested in lieu of flowers, memorials will be used for Bonnie's favorite charities.  September 30, 2009 
Photo Hout, Jim Sac City. IA  September 26, 2009 
Photo Vauble, Robert "Bob" Sac City, IA  September 25, 2009 
Photo Kruthoff, Sue Sac City, Iowa formerly of Lake City, Iowa  September 20, 2009 
Photo Wollesen, Matie H. Wall Lake, IA  September 18, 2009 
Photo Auen, Frances "Pam" Eldora Lake View, IA  September 14, 2009 
Photo Roeder, Anthony P. Of Wall Lake, formerly of Odebolt, Iowa  August 29, 2009 
Photo Hansen, Louise D. Sac City, Iowa  August 19, 2009 
Photo Determan, Urban W. Of Wall Lake, formerly of Early, Iowa. Memorials will be used for Urban's favorite charities.  August 13, 2009 
Photo Campbell, Yvonne "Bonnie" Sac City, IA  August 04, 2009 
Photo Campbell, Brian Wall Lake, IA  July 31, 2009 
Photo Mohr, Ralph Lake View, IA  July 28, 2009 
Photo Nelson, Ronald J. Sac City, IA  July 08, 2009 



Vauble, LeRoy "Dick" Sac City, IA  July 05, 2009 
Photo Orth, Leona North Bend, NE  June 23, 2009 
Photo Huser, Ted Sac City, IA  June 23, 2009 
Photo Schulte, Alvin Wall Lake, IA  June 20, 2009 
Photo Miller, Irene Odebolt, IA  June 17, 2009 
Photo Auen, Virgil Lee Wall Lake, Iowa  June 06, 2009 
Photo Schulte, Eugene Lake View, Iowa  May 31, 2009 
Photo Bunting, Irene M. Of Bentonville, Arkansas formerly of Lake View, Iowa  May 31, 2009 
Photo Cleveland, Bill Lake View, IA  May 29, 2009 
Photo Wallerstedt, Michael Allen Sac City, IA  May 16, 2009 



McKenna, Christine Blakesburg, IA  May 15, 2009 
Photo Campbell, Warren Sac City, Iowa  May 12, 2009 
Photo Adams, David Lytton, Iowa  May 11, 2009 



Jenkins, Tony Sac City, Iowa  May 04, 2009 
Photo Leonard, Kathryn Sac City, Iowa  April 16, 2009 
Photo Vohs, Charles W. Lake View, IA  April 16, 2009 
Photo Hecht, Darlene Lytton, IA  April 15, 2009 
Photo Neppl, Marcus Wall Lake, Iowa  April 15, 2009 
Photo McDonough, David A. "Mac" Odebolt, Iowa  April 14, 2009 
Photo Hobbs, Marilyn Sac City, Iowa  April 14, 2009 
Photo Peyton, Rolland Sac City  April 14, 2009 



Webster, Wilmer J. Early, formerly of Lake View  April 13, 2009 
Photo Rossi, Helen Sac City, formerly of Chelsea, MA  April 11, 2009 
Photo Broughton, Betty J. Sac City, Iowa  April 08, 2009 
Photo Neville, Robert J. Odebolt, Iowa  April 02, 2009 
Photo Moeller, Sharon Sac City, Iowa  March 29, 2009 



McCorkle, Howard Paul Sac City, IA  March 22, 2009 
Photo Smidt, Irvin Lake View, IA  March 22, 2009 
Photo Frey-Bye, Florence Odebolt, IA  March 21, 2009 
Photo Robson, Irene Lake View, IA  March 14, 2009 
Photo Dankel, Mary Lou Lake View, IA  March 13, 2009 
Photo Mehrhoff, Francis A. Odebolt, Iowa  March 11, 2009 
Photo Boeckman, Cecil Early, Iowa  March 06, 2009 
Photo Neumayer, Beverly Lake View. IA  March 04, 2009 
Photo Buse, Luverne E. Lake View, Iowa  March 03, 2009 
Photo Just, Merlin Sac City, IA  February 19, 2009 
Photo Summers, Velma G. Sac City, IA  February 17, 2009 
Photo Wilkens, Donald Leroy Sac City, Iowa  February 15, 2009 
Photo Riedell, Dorothy Lake View, Iowa  February 14, 2009 
Photo Salisbury, Marlys Sac City, IA  February 13, 2009 
Photo Drey, Marian Early, IA  February 07, 2009 
Photo Kreft, Gerald W. Lytton, Iowa  February 06, 2009 
Photo Bulten, Eggo "Swede" Early, Iowa  February 04, 2009 
Photo Auen, Beverly Ann Sac City  February 03, 2009 
Photo Engel, Barbara M. Sac City, formerly of Odebolt  February 02, 2009 
Photo O'Tool, Evelyn Sac City, IA  January 31, 2009 
Photo Albers, Dorothy Anna Sac City, Iowa  January 28, 2009 
Photo Cerra, John "Pepper" Sac City, IA  January 24, 2009 
Photo Schmidt, Esther Carol Stream, IL formerly of Sac City  January 22, 2009 
Photo Veit, Clarissa Odebolt, IA  January 17, 2009 
Photo Wolff, Colton Fort Dodge, formerly of Sac City, IA  January 16, 2009 
Photo Jarvis, Dorothy Sac City, IA  January 11, 2009 
Photo Wise, Kendrick "Bud" Lytton, IA  January 11, 2009 
Photo Auen, Herman Lake View, IA  January 11, 2009 
Photo Henson, Donald Sac City, IA  January 09, 2009 
Photo Hesnard, Sarah Sac City, IA  January 09, 2009 
Photo Lundberg, Mary Sac City, IA  January 08, 2009 
Photo Frank, Harlyn Carroll, IA, formerly of Lake View  January 05, 2009 
Photo Hatch, Elma Nemaha, IA  January 05, 2009 
Photo Ausborn, Jerry Lee of Tempe, AZ, formerly of Sac City, IA  December 15, 2008 



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